Sun Made Tex-Mex



Sun Made Tex-Mex is a food truck that serves home-made Tex-Mex in the Saint Louis area. Recently aquiring a food truck, this company needed a new logo and vehicle graphics to make their name known.

Design Considerations

The client came with a logo concept in mind. They wanted a sunflower, but they wanted to ensure that they would be able to use the yellow from their truck the main color in their logo. Keeping this in mind, the logo was designed so that the yellow could be removed for the vehicle, but be added in for printed marketing materials or social media. The vinyl graphics would be kept simplistic, as their featured menu items would be continually rotating throughout the year.

Sun Made Tex-Mex Vehicle Final

Logo Design

Sun Made Tex-Mex Logo Process 1

Font Variations

Client Feedback: Option B was the most successful, however the sunflower needed more depth.
Sun Made Tex-Mex Logo Process 2

Refined Design Option

Client Feedback: Option A was most successful.
All Critter Care Van Wrap Process

Final Logo Library

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