Anti-Bullying: Social Change



"Not all scars can be seen."
Bullying is a growing problem in our world today. However, bullying is not just limited to normal kids and people. Those individuals with special needs are bullied as well. Bullying is not just physical, but also verbal and emotional.

Design Considerations

The challenge was to create awareness of specifically verbal and emotional bullying of those with special needs, but also create a poster that can relate to any bullying situation.

Anti-Bullying: Social Change Poster


Anti-Bullying: Social Change Poster Process

Research Imagery

During my research of children with Downs Syndrome, I collected specific images with multiple facial expressions. This would help me narrow down the concept I would want to use to create Downs Syndrome awareness. Questions I needed to answer included: "Will the viewer be more impacted by a positive image, or by an image that will make them pause to reflect?"
Anti-Bullying: Social Change Poster Process


A more thought provoking concept was decided upon. Using type, the goal was to convey that words hurt, even though they are not physical wounds. Concept 1 felt harsh with the bold words, and the faint image of the child. Concept 2 allowed for the viewer to see the emotion in the child's eyes while showing words that form over her face, in the same manner that scars form.